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9/11 – What I will #AlwaysRemember and #NeverForget

I will always remember that morning. I was about to complete a program I was studying for a new job. This would be my final day. I will never forget that feeling of hope, excitement, and happiness for the future ahead.

I will always remember the crisp air of that fall morning. The color blue of the sky was different than I had ever seen before, and have never seen since. Not. One. Cloud. It was a spectacular day in every way. I will never forget that shade of blue and the realization of the uniqueness of the day.

I will always remember the expression on my husband’s face as we shared a few fun words and banter before he left for work. I will never forget how he made me feel that day and every day.

I will always remember getting out of the shower seeing the images of the first plane crash, and Matt Lauer reporting that it was a small commuter plane. I will never forget moments later watching live as the second plane crash and the collective pause of the news anchors and myself, as our brains were trying to connect what we were seeing vs. what was happening.

I will always remember Ed calling to ask what the hell was going on, and my hesitating a response due to being in shock and lack of comprehension. I will never forget his military training kicking in immediately knowing exactly what was taking place. We were under attack.

I will always remember Ed’s thinking of his staff at the Sears Tower and his quickness in getting off of the phone with me to call and get them out. I will never forget calling him back to make sure he would not go there himself. He promised me he would not go.

I will always remember my parental instincts kicking in, calling the kids respective schools to find out what was happening and if I could come to get them. I will never forget wanting my family with me as I sat alone in my home in a state of disbelief, fear, sadness, and lack of control.

I will always remember my mom calling me to ask what was happening. I will never forget the tears streaming down my face and sheer panic I felt as I concurrently talked to her and watched the news reporting the plane crashing into the Pentagon.

I will always remember the realization that our neighbor and good friend was in NYC that day on a business trip. I will never forget the relief we all felt when later in the day we learned he was safe, as well as when he arrived home several days later.

I will #NeverForget those moments on 9/11, and I will always feel for the lives that were lost. We must #AlwaysRemember and honor those lives on this day.


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